Program Impact

The Bahrain Teachers College (BTC) is currently in the process of applying for accreditation from the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), a US-based organization that is recognized by the US Department of Education and is perceived to be the most important such board. In this fourth article of a series that explains the accreditation for which the BTC is pursuing, we will focus on the fourth standard, Program Impact. According to CAEP, this standard holds teachers colleges accountable for recognizing that the education they provide should have impact in the classrooms and schools that later hire their students. It emphasizes that a teachers college should produce teachers who are highly skilled and impactful. It reminds them that their primary purpose is to shape good teachers and school leaders. 

What makes BTC so well prepared to meet this standard is the close relationship between the college and the Ministry of Education. In particular, the Ministry of Education regularly surveys school principals about BTC graduates' performance in classrooms, and then it shared the aggregated data with the college so that the college can improve its curriculum and instruction. The college's Leadership Center also has contributed extensively to this: by connecting the college to school improvement through leadership preparation, BTC is able to continually improve its service to the Ministry of Education. 

In all, BTC prides itself on the impact it has on teacher quality in the Ministry of Education. It is, after all, the fundamental purpose of the college upon its 2008 founding. 

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