Interdisciplinary Research Results in Award to Bahrain Teachers College Faculty Member

May 14, 2018
The University of Bahrain, like many universities around the world, has been steadily promoting interdisciplinary research across faculties. For faculty members trained in advanced specializations, and with distinct boundaries across disciplines, interdisciplinary research is often a great challenge.
Never daunted by challenges, Bahrain Teachers College (BTC) faculty member Dr. Abdulghani Al-Hattami, Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics & Science, initiated a collaboration between Dr. Lamia Al Qoheri, Assistant Professor in the English Department in the College of Arts, and Dr. Reem Yusuf, Assistant Professor in the College of Physical Education, to study injuries among participants of mixed martial arts in Bahrain.
The mixed martial arts utilizes a range of techniques used across most traditional martial arts, but in combination. Due to his own personal interest in the sport, Bahrain’s Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa began an initiative in 2015 to promote it in the Kingdom. However, along with the increasing interest in the sport has come increasing injuries. In fact, 89 percent of the participants in the study, all residents of Bahrain, had sustained some sort of injury as a result of the sport. The collaborative study reviewed the types of injuries and provided recommendations for participants of mixed martial arts on avoiding injury. In large part, many male participants did not follow prescribed protocols and did not go to specialists when seemingly minor injuries were noticed.
Al-Hattami was interested in this project not necessarily because of his own past with the sport: “As a kid, I studied karate and attained a brown belt, but it wasn’t something I decided to continue pursuing. I did this because I felt it was necessary to just get myself out there in the university and begin collaborations. I shouldn’t wait for other faculty members to come to me, so I decided to go out and learn something new.”
As a result of this study, Al-Hattami not only kicked off a strong collaboration among faculty members throughout the University of Bahrain, which as he said will focus on educational topics next, but he and his colleagues also won the Sheikh Nasser Research Award. The three faculty members will publish a book on the subject soon.
As for their next project? The trio of professors will study student learning styles in the colleges of Arts, Engineering, Law, and Business.

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