Faculty Initiate International University Partnerships through Webinar Exchanges

September 4, 2019

In two separate web-based meetings, faculty of the Bahrain Teachers College begin deliberate steps toward solidifying strong partnerships with international universities. The first, in June, was a presentation by faculty members of the College of Education, Health, and Human Services of the Kent State University in Ohio, on the topic of STEM teacher education. Dr. Karl Kosco and Dr. Bridget Mulvey presented a summary of their research and experience preparing teachers in Northeast Ohio to be excellent and engaged teachers of mathematics and science.

In a later event, Dr. Wiltrud Weidinger and Dr. Corinna Borer, faculty members of the Zurich University of Teacher Education, presented to faculty of the Bahrain Teachers College their work—both internationally and in Switzerland—on integrating career skills into all aspects of teacher education. Having worked on many projects in North Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, the faculty of the Zurich University of Teacher Education have been instrumental in building career skills through traditional content coursework in teacher education programs. To continue the partnerships, the partner institutions will both be the recipients of webinars from the faculty of the Bahrain Teachers College.
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