End of Academic Year Brings BTC Faculty Together for Workshops and Collaboration

June 26, 2019

For a full day, Bahrain Teachers College faculty were given the opportunity to attend a variety of workshops and trainings. One such workshop was given by Dr. Osama Almahdi, Dr. Lucy Bailey, and Dr. Rayenne Dekhinet, faculty members in the college, on coaching techniques that can be applied to clinical supervision of teaching practice for BTC’s students. This workshop involved a simulated experience of coaching. The content came from the weeklong workshop provided to BTC in December 2018 by faculty from the University College London. 

One workshop was an online lecture via Skype with Dr. Karl Kosko and Dr. Bridget Mulvey, faculty members in the College of Education at Kent State University in Ohio. The lecture illustrated the approach that this university uses to prepare primary level mathematics and science teachers. This lecture was the start of a partnership that will be developed to share knowledge and experience in STEM teacher education between Ohio and Bahrain. 

A final workshop during the day was provided by Dr. Osama Almahdi on free professional online professional learning opportunities for university faculty.



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