BTC Shapes Partnerships with Schools on Digital Empowerment

April 1, 2019

In a recent visit by Dean Dr. Ted Purinton and ICT Instructor Ms. Fatima Al Shaer to the Zanoubia Intermediate Girls School in Muharraq, a closer linkage was shaped for the college with schools in the Ministry of Education that are showcasing the various digital tools through the Ministry. Zanoubia Intermediate Girls School, for example, is currently utilizing all Microsoft 365 tools that have been made available to the Ministry by the e-Government initiative in Bahrain. In addition, students are expected to create and utilize content on a wide range of additional apps and programs, such as Crocodile for virtual laboratory work. The visit concluded with a festival on digital safety and security, whereby students of the school showed Dr. Purinton and Ms. Al Shaer how to ensure that their digital content is protected and that they are not exposed to unethical or inappropriate content. The BTC is currently engaged in its own digital transformation plan to ensure that all its graduates are ready for highly productive schools, such as Zanoubia, on their first day on the job as teachers.

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