BTC Partners with the Quality Assurance Authority for Education and Training and the Ministry of Education for School Quality Improvement

September 12, 2018
Bahrain’s Quality Assurance Authority for Education and Training was established the same year as the Bahrain Teachers College--2008. It provides a global standard quality assurance model to ensure high standards in all educational institutions in Bahrain. Together, with the Ministry of Education, the three institutions are collaborating on a new Leadership Center that will open in October 2018 on the premises of the Bahrain Teachers College. The purpose of this Center is to improve school quality in light of ratings from the Quality Assurance Authority through the coaching, mentorship, and education of school leaders within the Ministry of Education. Through this partnership, innovations are expected to be generated for improving the quality assurance process, the leadership of schools, and the preparation of leaders at the Bahrain Teachers College.
In a recent meeting between the three institutions, discussion about the direct needs for school leaders in improving quality and performance resulted in a short list of priority areas. Further details about the Center will follow soon.
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