BTC Leadership Center Nearly Launched
October 15, 2018
Through a collaborative effort with the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Bahrain Quality Assurance Authority (BQA), the BTC is nearly ready to launch its new Leadership Center, intended to be a venue for school leader coaching for principals serving schools that are considered by the BQA to be performing inadequately. Using international practices in leadership coaching, the Leadership Center will begin this academic year with engagement between 16 school principals of schools that have been rated inadequate three times in a row, four MOE School Chiefs, and a variety of principals of excellently performing schools.
Attending a planning session on October 15, 2018, were the four School Chiefs who will be tasked with carrying out coaching activities throughout the academic year: Ms. Alaa Al Qahtani, Mr. Sami Al Ammadi, Ms. Safiya Shamsan, and Ms. Sumaya Abdulrahman. Also attending were BTC faculty who specialize in school leadership: Dr. Osama Al Mahdi, Dr. Ismail El Mahdi, and Mr. Salman Yusuf. Also in attendance were the Dean, Dr. Ted Purinton, the staff coordinator of the Center, Ms. Hawra Alhawaj, and MOE Project Manager Ms. Hala Al Khalifa.
The work of the Center will begin with an intensive coach-principal exploration of all available school performance data and the establishment of personal leadership goals relative to internatinoal standards in educational leadership. In December, a team from the Institute of Education at the University College London will come to Bahrain to provide intensive training on leadership coaching. And throughout the academic year, the coaches and principals will work together on specific objectives, targeted toward the improvement of school quality through leadership strategies.
In addition, according to BTC Assistant Professor Dr. Osama Al Mahdi, “BTC faculty will be invited to collaborate with the Center by presenting their research to school principals, delivering short hands-on workshops on topics such as problem-solving skills, decision making, conflict resolution, effective communication, needs analysis, research skills, data analysis, strategic planning, time management, ICT use, lesson feedback, meeting management, pedagogical innovations, assessment and evaluation, special needs inclusion, and quality assurance.” Dr. Al Mahdi also indicated that faculty will be able to use the Center for collaborative research projects, so as to learn effective strategies for leadership and leadership coaching in a uniquely Bahraini context.
In addition, the School Chiefs will attend sessions of BTC’s Educational Leadership Program to further the collaborative nature of principal preparation between the BTC and the MOE, and white papers and policy briefs regarding systemic supports necessary for school quality improvement will be outcomes of the new Leadership Center.
The initial meeting with the 16 principals will be Monday, October 22, 2018.
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