BTC Hosts US Embassy Guest Dr. Carol Cao for Lectures on Special Education

October 31, 2018

The US Embassy in Bahrain has continued to partner with the Bahrain Teachers College by providing guest speakers, fellows, and English language tutors. One such speaker, Dr. Carol Cao, an expert in special education and a director for special education at a school in Los Angeles, California, spent a couple weeks in the region on tour with the US Embassy Regional English Language Office, providing professional development to the ministries of education in Kuwait and Bahrain. Dr. Cao was able to spend a day with the Bahrain Teachers College, lecturing about supports for students with special learning needs and trends on reaching university students with special learning needs.

At a reception held at the home of the US Ambassador Hon. Justin Siberell, Dr. Cao spoke about the importance of high expectations for all learners. With faculty member of the BTC, she urged the college to continue pushing itself to experiment with online education, adaptive teaching materials, and other methods of ensuring that all students can be successful.

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