BTC Faculty Members Experiment with High-Engagement Large Scale Lectures

December 23, 2018

As part of its experiment with blended/online learning in the fall semester of the 2018-2019 academic year, Professor Adnan Farah, Associate Professor Amjad Abuloum, and Lecturer Salman Zayed hosted a lecture for all nine sections of their Psychology of Learning Course. Featured speaker, Assistant Professor Mounir Saleh, delivered a “high-engagement” large scale lecture to nearly 300 students in the Sheikh Abdelaziz Hall at the University of Bahrain. The lecture, “Cognitive Load and Cognitive Multimedia Learning Theories” was delivered on December 18, 2018. “This lecture was a remarkable experience for both students and instructors in the Psychology of Learning course,” according to Abuloum. “All nine sections, around 270 students, gathered in one place looking for a different learning experience. Students’ feedback asserted that the verities of learning experiences witnessed in this web-enhanced course reflected the deep understanding of the topics and the joy in interacting with classmates. Definitely, having a guest speaker in the large scale lecture added a new dimension to students’ learning. BTC is urging faculty to seek modern avenues in education.” The team will continue to work on experimenting with various modalities of instruction.

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