BTC Engages in Partnership with the Al-Mabarrah AlKhalifia Foundation to Promote Teaching Profession to Boys

May 24, 2018
As part of its efforts to build closer relationships with social organizations in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the BTC has recently established a collaborative agenda with Al-Mabarrah AlKhalifia Foundation, a leading local NGO that supports and empowers Bahraini youth. The two institutions have already collaborated on areas such as research and training. Established under the leadership of Dr. Faten Abdelhameed, Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics & General Science and Head of the Department of Research, the collaboration will assist the BTC in attracting more male students to the teaching profession in Bahrain.
Over the past six months, the BTC and the Al-Mabarrah AlKhalifia Foundation have conducted multiple exchange visits and staff meetings to discover how each institution can benefit the wider goal of youth empowerment. The BTC is also engaged in evaluative research to support the Foundation; it has been conducting a comprehensive study to assess the impact of the Foundation’s Ithraa program, launched in 2012 as a three-year program to empower Bahraini youth, ages 14-17, to become proactive and engaged citizens.
To aid in BTC’s goals of attracting more male teachers to the profession in Bahrain, the Foundation has shown support by working with the college to organize visits of high school students to the college. At the visits, the boys learn about the teaching profession from BTC faculty. In particular, just recently, from April through May 2018, the Foundation mentors took a six-week training program offered by the BTC on topics such as soft skills, employability, effective communication, and leadership. Ms. Hanin agrees that “The six-week training program offered the participants insight into some of the most recent and most successful pedagogical practices and teaching strategies that can be then employed by the mentors in all MKF programs. This highlights BTC’s expertise in teacher training and how this knowledge can extend to benefit our partners”.
As the BTC continues to lead as a key institution in the country and region focusing on enhancing the teaching profession, its relationship with the Al-Mabarrah AlKhalifia Foundation will become ever more important. According to Abdelhameed, “It is not possible to promote teaching as a profession to youth, especially boys, without the support of respected societal institutions such as Al-Mabarrah AlKhalifia. We must all work together to build the country’s educational infrastructure.”
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