BTC Course Goes Blended

December 13, 2018

A BTC initiative in the first semester of the 2018-2019 academic year has called for experimentation with blended/online teaching and learning strategies. Two courses--Study Skills for Foundation Students and Psychology of Learning for Year 1 students--have been the subject of this experiment. In both courses, students have watched video lectures at home, allowing for in-class time to be devoted to discussion and activities. In many cases, a variety of activities have been posted to an online learning platform. Ms. Fatema Al-Shaer, Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics & Science, has led this project as a way of enhancing the teaching capacity of the college.

One element of the experiment was a live video on Instagram. Students tuned in to a lecture by Ms. Fatima Salem, a BTC graduate from 2015 and a Cycle 1 teacher at the Muharraq Primary School for Girls. In the lecture, Ms. Salem discussed effective teaching strategies. During the lecture, students were able to post comments and questions. In the live session comments online, many students expressed satisfaction in BTC's increasing use of technology to connect students, teachers, and faculty members. One student in particular, Mr. Ali Bader Al-Kuwati, who is a Cycle 1 specialist, stated, “This is a smart, unconventional idea that appeals to students in our generation and will be useful for us as future teachers.”

A link to the recording of the live session can be found here.

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