BTC Brings Together Private and Public Schools for School Improvement Learning

May 2, 2018
In an effort to shape partnerships between private and public schools in Bahrain, the BTC has encouraged dialogues about school improvement efforts and literacy achievement. One such instance took place on April 30th, 2018, with a school visit at the Al Daih Primary and Intermediate Girls School. Initiated by principal Ms. Hala Al-Jowder and BTC faculty member Dr. Hasan Al-Wadi, the visit involved Ms. Abigail White and Ms. Elaine Brennan, administrators at the Nadeen School in Adliya, as well as Dr. Ted Purinton, Dean of the Bahrain Teachers College. Also included in the visit was Ministry of Education School Chief Ms. Khadija Al Sayed. Participants took a tour of the school and learned about the innovative practices in teaching Arabic and English. At the conclusion of the visit, all participants discussed ways in which the schools could cooperate on early literacy strategies for both Arabic and English.
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