Bahrain Teachers College Partners with the British Council of Bahrain

October 1, 2018
The British Council, a registered charity in Great Britain, operates in over 100 countries to provide English language education, as well as to promote scientific cooperation with the United Kingdom. With an active educational staff in Bahrain, the British Council is a leader within the Kingdom in teaching English, as well as instructional methodology and assessment practices.
In 2018, a partnership was established between the British Council and the Bahrain Teachers College for the purpose of knowledge sharing, scientific collaboration, and instructional improvement. With the goal to increase literacy achievement in Bahrain, the British Council will work closely with the Bahrain Teachers College in the coming years to evaluate programs, establish peer evaluation of teaching activities, and to develop a stronger curriculum for English and literacy education for all of Bahrain’s schools.
The partnership commenced with the exchange of faculty and students from both institutions to observe instructional practices. It will continue into 2019 with a formal evaluation of the Bahrain Teachers College Foundation Year Program to ensure that the methods of teaching English are of world class standard.
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