Associate Dean for Research of the College of Education and Human Services University of Auckland Dr. Aaron Wilson Visits Bahrain Teachers College

June 29, 2018
The College of Education and Social Work at the University of Auckland is a global leader in literacy research and school leadership preparation. In a partnership just established, the University of Auckland and the Bahrain Teachers College will collaborate on research for leadership and literacy and develop structures for mentoring junior faculty in their research. The partnership began with the visit of Dr. Aaron Wilson, Associate Dean for Research at the College of Education and Social Work. His visit, the week after Eid Al Fitr, involved a meeting with the President of the University of Bahrain, Professor Riyadh Hamzah, a meeting with the Minister of Education, Dr. Majed bin Ali Al Nuaimi, as well as workshops given to Ministry of Education staff and BTC faculty. The partnership will continue with study tours in New Zealand, mentoring partnerships between faculty of both colleges, and the planning for multiple scientific publications.
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