BTC's Pursuit of International Accreditation

Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP)

The Bahrain Teachers College (BTC) is in the middle of its application for accreditation from the US-based Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). CAEP is the main accreditor of teachers colleges in the US, and increasingly around the world. Many teachers colleges in the Gulf region have obtained it or are in the process, like BTC, of obtaining it.  

What does accreditation do for a teachers college?
Accreditation demonstrates the international quality of the college's preparation of teachers, school leaders, and other educational professionals. It shows the college's impact, and it holds the college accountable to ensuring that its main focus is on the preparation of quality educators.  

Many countries do not have teacher education accreditors that will review and accredit colleges outside their own country. CAEP does so as it wishes to have an international impact. Of all teacher education accreditors around the world that will review and bestow accreditation on colleges outside their home country, CAEP is considered to be the best and most rigorous. To become accredited by CAEP will be an important accomplishment.  

When will BTC become accredited?
The process for CAEP accreditation requires multiple years of work, with a minimum of three years of data collection and analysis. As the graphic shows, BTC is currently about 40% of the way there. The site visit will take place in February 2022. After the site visit, BTC will be notified of its accreditation status by CAEP.  

Please check back on this page frequently to see updates about the college's pursuit of CAEP accreditation.  
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