Continuing Professional Development Program

Teachers and educational leaders, like their counterparts in other professions, need regular refresher courses directed at updating their knowledge and skills so that they keep current in their professional practice. The refresher courses offered by the Bahrain Teachers College also provide teachers and educational administrators with opportunities to reflect on their professional practice. This in-service function of providing practicing teachers and educational administrators with relevant courses and programs is vested in the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) unit.

Teachers in the Kingdom of Bahrain have to be provided with a variety of in-service courses aimed at addressing their needs in the various teaching subject areas, particularly in Science, Mathematics, Arabic, and English, as well as in the area of quality assurance, program evaluation, and research methodology.

To address the aforementioned needs of teachers and educational administrators of the Kingdom, the Continuing Professional Development unit, working in collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MOE), currently offers courses in the form of modules for practicing teachers, and a three-tier Educational Leadership Program for prospective and practicing headmasters/principals. A variety of 30-hour modules, initially developed by Singapore’s National Institute of Education as part of the Kingdom’s education reform initiative, are selected by the Ministry of Education, reviewed, contextualized, and delivered by the Continuing Professional Development Unit throughout the academic year for teachers identified by the Ministry of Education.
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