Goals and Objectives



The Bahrain Teachers College aims to provide and support highly qualified educators in accordance with international standards. By attracting and educating among the brightest and most ambitious students in the Kingdom of Bahrain for initial teacher education, and by working closely with practicing educators for their continuous improvement, the Bahrain Teachers College aspires to make a noticeable impact in the quality of education in Bahrain’s schools. In addition, as an academic institution, the college also produces research that contributes to high quality education in Bahrain and beyond. 



The Bahrain Teachers College has the goals of producing an appropriate number of high quality teachers, educational leaders and other education specialists who are able to meet the professional expectations held of them by various stakeholders of education in the Kingdom of Bahrain, as well as promoting research and community service. In meeting these goals, the BTC seeks to achieve the following objectives:
  • Instilling in students the appropriate professional attitudes and values needed for serving the Kingdom of Bahrain as teachers;
  • Providing students with knowledge and understanding of modern trends in the social, psychological, and philosophical foundations of education;
  • Providing students with knowledge and understanding of the social, psychological, spiritual, and learning needs of school-age children;
  • Developing in students the abilities and skills to effectively respond to the needs of their students;
  • Developing in students the ability to prepare various documents needed for teaching and learning purposes, and equip them with the appropriate teaching skills, strategies, approaches, and methods that would make them effective and efficient in the classroom;
  • Orienting students towards the use of modern information and communication technology in the teaching and learning process, and equipping them with the information and communication technology skills appropriate for the classroom setting; and
  • Developing among students the desire for lifelong learning.
  • Promoting research in all its professional activities
  • Undertaking research that will inform policies in education and national development, teaching, and educational practice
  • Promoting services that will enrich the communities that BTC serves
  • Ensuring faculty, staff and student participation in various community activities.

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