Bachelor of Education

The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) program is a four-year program (or five for students required to take the Foundation Year Program) that prepares high achieving students for a career in teaching. The program provides a cross-curricular core of courses in general education and four specialization tracks that provide the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable students to become effective teachers in Bahraini public schools (Cycle 1 or Cycle 2). Specializations include Cycle 1 (grades 1-3 education), English, Arabic & Islamic Studies, and Mathematics/Science.

The B.Ed. program offers a range of instructional experiences and activities such as lectures, tutorials, group work, role play, interactive communication technology, project work, micro-teaching, peer-coaching, field work, and self-reflection. Program assessments include examinations, quizzes, research projects, oral and written reports, reflections, production of artifacts (e.g., teaching-learning aids, unit and lesson plans, student assessment rubrics), and electronic professional portfolios.

Video-taped micro-teaching sessions, in-class student teaching and other activities are required components of ongoing assessment, critique and assessment of practice, and demonstration of best practice.

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